Bosch 1587AVSP Progressor Top Handle Jig Saw Kit

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Buy Bosch 1587AVSP Progressor Top Handle Jig Saw Kit from JigSHOP partner
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Sales Rank: 413,962
UPC: 000346308624
Brand: Bosch
Label: Bosch
Studio: Bosch
Model: 1587AVSP
Publisher: Bosch
Number Of Items: 1
EAN: 0000346308624
Manufacturer: Bosch
Binding: Tools & Home Improvement
Feature: Powerful 5 amp motor, 500-3100 SPM

Buy Bosch 1587AVSP Progressor Top Handle Jig Saw Kit from JigSHOP partner

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Editorial Reviews:

Bosch invented the jig saw, and, with their Progressor top-handle model, they're getting close to perfecting it. The Progressor has a nicely shaped handle, tapered where other saws are not, and a nice rubber grip that lets users (of all hand sizes) steer the tool firmly in hand. (Some toolmakers ignore ergonomics, but not Bosch--and we appreciate it.) The safety mechanism works well with the trigger, and the cut is super smooth. We like the variable-speed dial, the light weight, and the foot plate's plastic cover, which ensures that surfaces won't get scratched as they can by saws with metal plates. The blade-change system--if a little tricky at first--works great. No question about it, this jig saw keeps up Bosch's reputation as one of the prime movers in the power tool industry. --Michael Shilling
Buy Bosch 1587AVSP Progressor Top Handle Jig Saw Kit from JigSHOP partner

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